The retail landscape is fast changing. These days people can shop in London or Paris with the click of an itchy finger in Werribee. Google gives us lowest prices on the first page and Amazon brings us things that people like us like.

The role of department stores is shifting, experience is now everything. Whether that is the physical experience, the virtual or the on-line Myer needed to reinvent. iSPY worked with Myer to get in deep with their core market segments. Through inventive qualitative research programme using a hybrid of depth interviews, focus groups and on-line forums iSPY brought the segments to life helping Myer define the opportunity for strategic growth by segment, helping prioritise activities and bring the consumers point of view to the boardroom table.


“ iSPY’s approach helped us achieve a couple of important things. The process and the outcome helped in building a more consumer centric culture internally and importantly informed our strategic growth platforms by revealing key consumer drivers and priorities in a clear, candid no-holds-barred- way. Tania's point of difference is her ability to combine expertise in consumer insight with an understanding of creative communication in messaging and channels to achieve business results.  iSPY was able to bring consumer decision making into the business and boardroom in a way that helps drive unified strategy.” 
Michael Scott. EGM Myer.