The front cover of our insights into Millennial and Gen Z talent for Launch Victoria. Insights and copy by iSPY. Design by Cyclone Creative.


Victoria is one of Australia's hot spots for start-up and scale up businesses. But these fledgling business can only grow as fast as their ability to hire top quality talent. Easy right? Well not so much.

It seems savvy Millennials (who are actually  25-37 and not that young anymore) and Gen Z (smart young people under 25) are calculated in their career choices and seek employment options that offer fast track to recognition, flexibility, great perks and great security. These arent always the qualities associated with the start up space. It's good to know that, but how did we find out?

ISPY used a series of different research techniques including face to face interviews, online forums and video diaries to discover a group of young people we've called the 'Change-makers'. They aren't defined by age, gender or cultural background. They are a unique mindset and hard to find. But find them we did and then we profiled them and showed start ups and scale ups what they needed to do to attract them. One of the outcomes was this little handbook, full of tips, tricks and practical advice.