William Angliss Institute is an educational institution with a long and proud history of turning out some of Australia’s if not the worlds best in cooking and hospitality. But WAI is so much more than a TAFE – it is growing beyond its traditional areas into a place that leads education with the experience economy. iSPY ‘s challenge was to capture this change in a way that connects with Gen Z , Millennials, Gen X and Boomers alike and lifts it out of the shadows of the traditional TAFE space.


The emergent brand strategy came from iSPY’s six-phased approach, which involved a 360-degree insights process including student, prospects, rejectors, trade and business, staff and executive. It also included contemporary research methods and online forums to yield ‘up close and personal insights’ with current and prospective students.  This insight work along with co-creation workshops with senior executives and a quantitative brand positioning work has led to a significant shift in direction from “ course provider” to ‘global inspirer’.


The outcomes of this strategy are a work in progress but it has provided a framework for learning statements, website development, interior design and course design.


“ Tania and her team were highly professional, they undertook extensive brand research for William Angliss Institute and bought the findings to life with expertly run workshops, presentations and one on one discussions. This ensured our key internal stakeholders were fully engaged across the entire process. Tania was always ready with creative insights, new ways of thinking and a real understanding of what our brand and organisation were trying to achieve. We would highly recommend her services and approach.”

Meg Jones Acting Marketing Manager